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Civil Rights

Am I a lesser person than you?!
“Understand that sexuality is as wide as the sea. Understand that your morality is not law.”
-Derek Jarman
You say you are voting for Mitt Romney for his economic and healthcare policies but don’t support his policies on banning gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose. You say that my asking you to de-friend me on Facebook is disrespectful if you support this man’s ideas to throw our country back socially more than 50 years.

During the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960‘s, would you have accused your black friend of disrespect if they had said the same words I said to you on Facebook; that black friend who sat in the back of a bus and was spat on and called a nigger? When clearly the conservatives were repressing blacks supporting political candidates that rejected change and allowing blacks the same opportunities as whites. Would you have said those same words to your black friend that you said to me; that I make you cringe because I’m disrespecting your right to vote for the candidate you choose? You say you are offended by my private message asking you to de-friend me if you support Romney; that I’m not respecting YOUR choices in voting.

NOT RESPECTING YOUR CHOICES? Are you kidding me? You want to vote for a candidate that wants to repress MY choices; who wants to take away my right to choose, my right to marry a woman, and worse, my right to visit that woman in the hospital or her visit me! And I’M the one disrespecting YOUR rights? Romney wants to destroy what we have accomplished in regard to women’s rights, minority rights and what little we’ve accomplished with gay rights. He says I am a lesser person. I am not equal.

It IS black and white and not so grey as you would try to have me believe. If you vote for Romney then your making a very LOUD statement to me and every other gay person in this country. So am I a lesser person to you? You cringe at the idea that you THINK I’m telling you who to vote for? I’m not telling you who to vote for! All I’m telling you is that the man you support wants to destroy any progress we’ve made in America with social reform. So yes, if you can lower yourself to his inhumane level then no I don’t want you in my life. You cannot support my rights as a woman or as a gay woman if you support this man.

So you see, it isn’t grey at all. We’re at war again in this country; social minorities against conservative fundamentalists...again. It should be my constitutional right to have the same rights as YOU, my straight friends, and supporting a man that says I am lesser than you means that you too believe I am lesser than you.

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