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NSAID's gave me gastritis and ulcer!
In 1989 when I was a senior in high school I was in a head to head-on collision while driving my car to school one early September morning. I sustained quite a few injuries with a dislocated and fractured jaw and a dislocated and fractured left ankle. My jaw and ankle injuries were the worst. My jaw was wired shut for 6 weeks. My ankle was in a cast 6 months for the bone to heel then another year to walk correctly. In January of 2009 I severely bruised my left ankle when it slammed down on the foot rest of a 4-wheeler. Still having the 2 screws inside, the force of slamming my ankle wasn’t nearly as bad as the tire coming up through the car floorboard in 1989 but it hurt nevertheless.

It was inevitable I would develop osteoarthritis but re-injuring my ankle sped up that process preventing me from running and enjoying long hikes. I would never get to sky-dive either. Accepting the defeat of this change I did not want to accept the terrible pain I endured after just standing or walking for 30 minutes or even less sometimes. So in April 2009 I went to my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lambe in West Palm Beach, FL, and he prescribed various NSAID’s (Non-steroid anti-inflammatory medication) for the swelling and pain. When I complained of heartburn and fatigue, he would just switch me to another category of anti-inflammatories.

I began with Naproxin taking it for a month. It had no effect whatsoever so my orthopedist prescribed Voltaren instead. The Voltaren made me lethargic and queazy and I didn’t realize at that time it was because it was tearing my digestive system apart. After 6 months of Voltaren he switched me to 600 milligrams of Motrin/ibuprofen 3 times a day. Sometime in late October I visited my orthopedist again to evaluate blood work and if the drugs were having any ill effects on my liver and kidneys. Those organs checked out fine but I complained again of side effects this time of heartburn especially late at night. He said the heartburn was caused by the ibuprofen so he switched the medication again to Mobic/Meloxicam. Dr. Lambe said it wouldn’t be as rough on my stomach and esophagus.
I continued taking the Mobic/Meloxicam for over a year into the spring of 2011. Sometime in May, I visited my new general practitioner, Dr. Charlotte Grayson and nurse practitioner Karen where I live in Fayetteville, GA. I went in for routine blood work and a general checkup. When Karen asked me if I had any issues or concerns I told her about my ankle pain and current Rx from Dr. Lambe. I also gave her a brief description of my stomach issues including constant heartburn, occasional indigestion and gas pain, as well as fatigue especially after eating. She told me to stop taking the Mobic/Meloxicam immediately. She informed me of another doctor’s patients who had died from internal bleeding because of longterm use of NSAID’s. They had suffered the same as me but worse and no one informed them that their medication was destroying their insides. Most of these patients were elderly and didn’t have access to or knowledge of how to use the internet to research their issues. Worst yet, their doctors didn’t care enough to listen and/or tie their symptoms with the NSAID’s they were prescribing.

I am writing this to warn you of these drugs when taken either over the counter (ibuprofen like Advil and Motrin or naproxin like Aleve) or prescribed by your doctor. If prescribed, sure most doctors will tell you to take the medication with food. They will have routine lab work done to monitor your liver and kidney function as these drugs can have especially harmful effects on the endocrine system. But what I’ve heard from previous doctors and from family, friends, acquaintances and even stranger’s doctors is NOTHING regarding the harmful effects NSAID’s have on our digestive systems.

I haven’t been taking these drugs since May 2011 but occasionally will pop a few ibuprofen here and there for menstrual cramps and even ankle pain. I don’t drink soda. I don’t eat fast food or greasy food. I don’t smoke cigarettes. I rarely eat out at all. I occasionally drink alcohol (4-6 glasses of wine a month). I drink 1-2 cups of coffee only in the morning and don’t drink any more caffeine throughout the day. I consume a minimal amount of processed food. All the former mentioned are quite harmful to those experiencing any symptoms of gastritis and/or ulcers.

I had been suffering from bouts of constipation, back pain, heartburn, bloating after eating, abdominal pain, yellow stools, gas, fatigue and headaches on and off for almost 2 years now but usually only 1 or 2 of these symptoms at a time. Despite a relatively healthy diet, I’ve recently been having all of these symptoms at once and continuously since October 5th. I’ve also been experiencing dizziness and nausea with head pressure pushing outward near my ears and jaw. The headaches have seemed like nothing compared to the physical disorientation I feel.

Yesterday morning my sister advised me to go to the ER. Her and her husband both work in a hospital and have seen their patients with similar symptoms due to gall stones blocking bile ducts (gall stones happen to run in my family on both sides), or worse, liver failure. I hadn’t seen any sign of jaundice but decided she was right. I went to Piedmont Hospital of Fayette and told them of my symptoms with possibility of gall stones. As for my head, I had no idea what was going on. I had similar symptoms of Vertigo and figured it could be a possibility due to all the flying I do on Delta jets.

After x-rays and an ultra-sound the ER doctor informed me that I had gastritis and possibly ulcers. He referred me to a Gastrologist to have a scope done to see if there are any ulcers. As for my headaches and Vertigo symptoms I will find out more from Dr. Grayson on Tuesday at 1pm. But I am somewhat comforted by the fact that the head issues may be related to the gastritis as I found some medical articles, forums and blogs of similar complaints. I also noticed those symptoms have almost disappeared with the rest of the pain since taking the prescribed medications from the ER (Omeprazole for reducing acid, Ondansetron for nausea, Tramodol for reducing inflammation). Oh and NO the tramodol is NOT an NSAID!

I didn’t write this blog to vent. I don’t feel the need to whine about my physical ailments as I have always taken pride in being a fairly healthy person. My last head cold was over 5 years ago! I simply rarely get sick! I’m writing this blog for you, the reader, as a warning. Please please please talk to your doctors and ASK questions! Don’t let them run you out because they are greedy assholes looking to fit in as many patients in the day so to make that big fancy paycheck!

Know what your putting in your body! Better yet, know before you consume it. There are so many pharmaceutical drugs that doctors freely and blindly prescribe. We as patients ASSUME our doctors know what they are doing and we blindly trust them as they ignore our complaints.

NSAID’s, specifically can be quite harmful and there are so many of them out there as well as those you can buy WITHOUT a prescription. The link below is a list of NSAID’s. Please read and share for your own safety as well as the safety of those you love.

Bright and healthy blessings to y’all,

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