Photograph by Artemus Blue

She's My Landlord

         Jude was awakened suddenly to a thunderous crash he heard next door. The walls were paper thin where casual conversation could easily be deciphered. Though, there was no conversation. Nor was there even an argument to follow the loud crash. In the past most of the noise Jude tolerated in his small efficiency apartment was the next door neighbor screaming at the top of her lungs. Usually at a boyfriend. The screaming would start around 2:30 in the morning after all the bars had closed and thrown out the last of the straggling drunks. Jude’s neighbor was one of these drunks.
         Sometimes the noise wasn’t the screaming of an argument. Jude’s neighbor liked to scream during sex. On those mornings Jude was awakened by the pounding of his neighbor’s bed against the single wall that separated the two apartments. There was also a door on that wall in which both sides had a slide lock. Whenever Jude was awakened he knew the inevitable female moans and pleasurable screams would soon follow. He was always tempted to peak through a cracked view of the joining door. He’d have to unlock his side and hope that his neighbor’s side would not be locked. Though they had an agreement to respect one another’s privacy, she probably wouldn’t notice so what would be the harm?
         Jude was curious of his neighbor’s tanned nakedness being tossed around by her partner during their aggressive sex. He always saw her completely clothed except a few times in the morning, hung-over and wearing only a very thin Victorian-red satin robe. The robe sometimes exposed one of her small round breasts and even when it didn’t, her dark brown nipples would pierce through the material like a curious child trying to see through a blindfold. The robe was short and barely covered her little heart-shaped buttocks. When she bent over to get the newspaper, Jude could see the hairless fleshy pinkness between her bony thighs.
         He was unusually attracted to his neighbor despite the fact that she was an alcoholic. Furthermore his neighbor was his landlord. Her name was Isabel. Isabel stood around five feet three inches tall and probably weighed less than a hundred pounds. She had long straight brown hair with a round face. Her big green eyes and high cheek bones distracted from her little mouth with perched lips. Jude assumed Isabel was in her early thirty’s. Jude himself was only twenty. His curiosity regarding Isabel was not limited to her sex. He wanted to know the depths of her past and what theoretically encouraged her drinking. Jude thought that he may be falling in love with Isabel. But he had no past experiences or feelings to compare.
         Jude’s interest to see Isabel naked grew stronger every time he heard her orgasm. Apart from the pornography magazine photographs, Jude had never seen a woman except his mother accidentally when he was a child. When the early morning racket began with pounding instead of arguing, Jude knew this was the time to unlock the door and watch his fantasy come true. But he could never approach the door. He would lie on his back in bed fully erect with his hands to his sides and wait for Isabel’s erotic moans.
         The steady pounding of Isabel’s bed would gradually get faster while her voice echoed through his ears. Jude’s penis throbbed for attention but he would not pleasure himself. He wore thin cotton pajamas without underwear and his erect penis protruded upward while the blood rushed quickly from his skull. Torture Jude thought. He felt that his body needed to suffer until he could finally see Isabel in the flesh; hoping she’d willingly and gracefully come to him naked dancing through the adjoining door and taking his body into her arms.

         Jude got out of bed and slowly walked toward the door. He didn’t hear another sound after the crash and wanted to know what happened. He felt guilty for having an erection
anticipating the sounds of the bed against the wall. But nothing. He waited to hear an argument or a door slam. Nothing.

         It was 4:15 one morning when Jude was awakened by a man’s shouting. At first Jude wasn’t sure whether or not the sounds were coming from next door. He sat up in bed and sure enough the man was shouting at Isabel. He was shouting words like “Damn bitch! Suck my cock!”
         Jude was curious as to what Isabel was doing to the man. Jude projected his own torture imagining the man having his arms and legs individually tied to each bed post. Jude remembered Isabel’s bed. He had seen it once when he brought over the rent one morning. He had knocked on the door and Isabel answered in her robe half asleep. She swung the door wide open. Her hair was ratted and her breath reeked of fruit and alcohol. Jude noticed Isabel’s apartment was identical to his but like a mirror image. He saw her bed against the wall and it was in a four post brass frame. He noticed the blankets and sheets were strewn everywhere. He could smell sex emanating from the room. A disgusted weary Isabel grabbed the check from Jude’s hands then slammed the door.
          man continued to shout. He had a deep guttural voice and sounded very big and strong. Jude imagined him with a large penis. He saw Isabel’s fingers gliding like feathers around the man’s enormous erection. Jude lay on his back while listening to the man’s tone constantly change. His vocalizations would go from angry shouts to higher pitched whines asking Isabel for mercy.
         Isabel did not say a word. Jude wanted to hear her voice. He longed to be in the man’s place. He could feel the lubrication seep from his hardness but did not touch himself. His hands rubbed the sides of his thighs while the head of his aching penis involuntarily brushed against the inside of his pajamas. Jude thrust his hips while squeezing his eyes shut. He wanted to touch himself but self control was more important. His hands clenched his buttocks in agony. The skin of his penis burned from stretching.
         The man continued to shout, then whine and plead. In empathy, Jude imagined the man’s shouts coming from his own mouth. This went on for twenty minutes when Jude jumped out of bed panting. He almost had an orgasm. The shouts continued while Jude was hunched over next to the door. He finally heard Isabel’s voice. She was moaning while the man begged for her to pleasure him. Jude knew she would come soon as he returned to his bed. Fatigue took over his body and he fell asleep to Isabel’s screaming pleasure remembering his first orgasm.
         Jude grew up in a very strict catholic family. Masturbation was considered a sin. It was late one evening when Jude was only 15 the first time he attempted to relieve himself. Other than wet dreams Jude had never held himself to the point of ejaculating. He was ritualistically taking his bath when he no longer wanted to fight the urge to pleasure himself. His father had warned him of “the sins of the flesh” and preached to his son about the dangers of masturbation. Jude didn’t understand this so-called danger after many nights of semen soaked pajamas.
         The warm bath water rushed over Jude while he held one end of his wash rag and allowed the other end to brush along the shaft. After a few strokes of the wash rag his penis swelled. He knew his parents were only a twenty feet away but the bathroom door was closed. He could hear the TV and his father occasionally speaking to his mom. He wanted so badly to touch himself but the fear of being caught still lingered. He thought about waiting until morning and sitting in the last seat of the school bus or waiting until he got to school to masturbate in a bathroom stall. Jude had fantasized about this many times but knew he wouldn’t have the courage to do it once he was there. Then he’d have to suffer through his classes after anticipating the fantasy.
         Jude closed his eyes as he grabbed his erection firmly with his right hand; his left hand cupping and massaging his testicles. Jude felt the sudden rush inside his belly. He felt the pulling sensation in his groin as his penis readied for his first wake explosion. His testicles drew up firmly as he massaged to relieve them. He panted while his legs poked straight out off the edge of the bath tub, toes pointed. Forgetting to breathe, he grunted a high pitched whine then gulped in air as if he had been under water too long. His hands moved steadily and faster and faster as he grew closer. When he came he watched himself ejaculate while his body twitched uncontrollably; moaning a relieving sigh after what seemed an eternity of waiting to orgasm.
         Over the years, Jude never tried to masturbate again at home until moving out of his parent’s house when he was nineteen. However, he could count on one hand the number of times he swiftly jerked off in the bathroom stall at school and always felt a tinge of guilt for doing so. After graduating from high school Jude got a job with a packaging company that paid well enough for him to get his own place. He found the apartment he lived in now from a newspaper ad. The ad had Isabel’s name and number, the monthly rent price of $300 and deposit.
         The first night after moving in was the first time he ever heard the voice of a woman besides what he saw in pornography magazines. This was the beginning of Jude falling for his landlord. That evening there were no pounding sounds on the wall from Isabel’s bed. Just her whimpers echoing through the walls becoming louder and faster with every breath. Her voice excited Jude immensely. He held his hardness firmly without stroking. But he let go almost immediately knowing his starving cock would come effortlessly and swiftly. The guilt for his erections was now for Isabel as well as his father’s biblical warnings. Jude still feared his father was right.
         Jude thought about masturbating with Isabel. He didn’t think about penetrating her. That was too far out of reach. Maybe after masturbating for her he may deserve to touch her. But what of her pleasure? Jude knew he wanted Isabel to orgasm but was not sure what she desired to achieve an orgasm. These questions and thoughts ran through his mind every time he heard Isabel through the wall.

         Jude sat against the door debating whether or not he should go to Isabel’s outside door and knock. The crashing sound replayed over and over in his head while he tried to figure out what it could have been. Without the sounds of arguing he became worried. Silence was only normal after sex and the inevitable door slam. Or the occasional glass being thrown against the door after the slam. Either way, Jude felt something was different but did not move. This mind debate went on while he tiredly sat against the door with his knees tucked under his chin.

         One Saturday evening when Jude returned from a day trip to his parent’s house, he heard Isabel crying. He was walking toward his front door when he noticed her front door was slightly open. Before putting his key in the door he decided to peek into Isabel’s apartment to see what was wrong. He tip toed toward the door and silently looked in. The room was dark except for a candle or two burning on the nightstand. Isabel was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt curled up in a fetal position. She was lying at the foot of her bed crying into a pillow. Jude was tempted to push the door open and ask what was wrong but her telephone rang. He immediately backed up then went into his house and shut the door quietly.
         Jude heard Isabel begin to shout. She was yelling at a boyfriend who had just left her place. The one sided argument went on for a few minutes then a van pulled up into the parking lot next to Isabel’s car. Jude heard Isabel dash out of her apartment. He went to the window to look out and noticed Isabel had changed her clothes. She was wearing a little blue dress and white sandals. He was happy to see her come out of her place with excitement. But wondered who had come over so quickly to take Isabel out of her depression for another night of drinking. Was it the same man on the phone or a different guy?
         Jude thought about Isabel’s quick change of attitude as well as her clothing. He thought of the little blue dress hanging in the closet. Her one hand holding the phone while the other ripping off her shorts and t-shirt. Then sliding the dress off the hanger and over her supple little breasts. Jude imagined Isabel in the dress without panties. He could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra as her breast bounced when she skipped to the car and jumped in. He closed his blinds as the van backed out and sped away.
         Jude tidied up his apartment picking up dirty clothes off the floor and washing left over dishes from the day before. The apartment was small with one living space, a kitchen and a bathroom. His living space had a twin size daybed on the opposite wall of Isabel’s. There was a TV stand with a sixteen inch television and a VCR on the wall between the apartments. He had a coffee table in front of the daybed where there were various technical magazines and an alarm clock. His Playboy and Hustler magazines were under the daybed shoved way against the wall. The dusty magazines hadn’t been touched since the first week he moved into the apartment. Jude had been living in the apartment for over a year fighting the urge to relieve himself. Besides her voice, Jude didn’t want any additional temptation to orgasm without Isabel. One glance was sure to get him turned on.
         After cleaning up Jude lay in his bed and allowed Isabel to float through his mind. The blue dress was incredibly sexy on Isabel. He started imagining her in the dress without panties lying on her back with a pillow on his floor watching television. He was next to her observing every curve and every pore in her skin. Jude usually didn’t touch Isabel in his imagination but this time was different. He thought of his fingers caressing her legs. The same way she may have teased the man in her apartment. His index and middle fingers stroked gently up her right leg toward her hips. Then moved to circle her right nipple.
         Jude’s penis grew large. While seated on the daybed, he took off his clothes. He closed his eyes and felt his way toward the floor where Isabel was lying. He didn’t want to destroy this mental picture. He lay down on the floor facing Isabel still caressing her breast while excitement surged through his tingling body. Jude began grinding his hard cock into the floor hearing Isabel mumble his name. She asked him to make her come. Jude fell over on his stomach. He grabbed at the carpet imagining his hands squeezing Isabel’s breasts while laying on top her. His hips grind into the floor while the friction of his penis stimulated Isabel’s clitoris. He could hear her panting and whining. Once he realized the sounds were coming from his mouth he abruptly sat up with his folded legs beneath.
         Jude got up and walked into the bathroom still breathing heavily. He looked into the full length mirror at his tall slender pale body. He stood facing the mirror for a few minutes staring at his blue eyes and dirty blonde short hair hoping his erection would subside. He looked down toward his extended organ. His penis stood straight up with the head almost touching his belly. His testicles were pulled tightly against his crotch. His penis was wet but not from an orgasm.
         Jude was frustrated and wanted to approach Isabel soon. This was the first time he imagined touching her which made him crave relief even more. He went to bed knowing Isabel would return soon and possibly wake him. His penis was still erect. He tried to fall asleep on his back completely naked. He hadn’t worn pajamas in a while because they only encouraged wet dreams. It was warm enough to not need blankets either.
         Jude woke up. He noticed his alarm clock said 3:13 AM. He had been asleep for at least four hours but no noise awakened him. He got up and walked toward the door to see if the van had returned. No van and Isabel’s car was gone too. She must have come home and left again. But how did I sleep through that?
         Jude walked toward the door between their apartments. He knew Isabel couldn’t be there and decided to try the lock. He unlocked his side then slowly turned the handle. The door creaked opened. Jude held the handle and glanced inside to be sure Isabel wasn’t there. The room was dark. He pushed open the door some more. He looked around and confirmed Isabel’s absence. But why had Isabel not locked her side? Jude looked at her side of the door and noticed the lock had been broken off. Perhaps while Jude was at work, Isabel broke into his apartment then forced her way through the joining door because she lost her keys. He never thought to check the locks on his windows. He went back into his apartment and noticed that the window next to the front door wasn’t locked and the screen was missing. Why hadn’t I noticed this before? But he realized that it may have happened recently.
         Jude went back into Isabel’s apartment. He made sure her front door was locked and the joining door was open so he could make a quick escape in case she returned. He didn’t turn on any lights and allowed his eyes to adjust to the dark. At first he stood at the joining doorway and scanned Isabel’s apartment. It was as messy as the last time he saw it; clothing and blankets strewn everywhere. Empty liquor bottles overflowing the trash can which stood next to a dresser with open drawers. Jude walked over to the dresser. He was curious about Isabel’s panties and bras. She had various colored undergarments like black, red, pink, yellow, and purple. The purple lacy panties caught Jude’s attention. He realized that those were the panties he wanted to see on Isabel. He wanted to hold and observe the purple panties but slightly brushed his hand across them instead.
         Jude walked to Isabel’s closet and looked in but didn’t enter. He saw shoe boxes lining the top shelf. He thought that they must store old mementos and letters. He was curious but didn’t know how much time he actually had and wanted to investigate Isabel’s night stand drawers before leaving the apartment. He felt the sweat bead on his forehead while he walked toward the night stand with anticipation. Surely handcuffs or belt straps were stashed away to tie up Isabel’s aroused victims. Jude approached cautiously as if something would fly out of the drawer. When he opened the bottom drawer he noticed several bottles of massage oils and a small book with a cover made out of pink lace.
         Guilt whirled inside Jude as he picked up the book and stared at the cover. It was an old diary. This could reveal the answers to many questions! What made Isabel drink? How did she get to own this run down apartment complex? Perhaps this book was filled with Isabel’s sexual fantasies. Maybe theres a page or two written about me?
         Now Jude really yearned for Isabel. His penis swelled with enthusiasm. Isabel became more mysterious with every second of holding this precious book of answers! He wanted to know every secret. He wanted to open the diary but put it back in the drawer instead.
         Jude started to open the top drawer when he noticed several black drapery ropes scattered under the bed. At last he knew Isabel’s restraints. The soft rope was perfect for restraining but not burning or chaffing the wrists and ankles. He grabbed one of the ropes and tied it around his left wrist. He took the other end of the rope and tied it around the headboard bed post. He turned himself around slowly. He lay down on the bed then extended his right arm out toward the other bedpost. Jude closed his eyes and imagined Isabel torturing his hardened body with the massage oils. He repeated the words of one of her victims then began to make up his own. “Untie me so I can touch you. Make me earn you. Rub your pussy and come for me. Does my dick excite you?”
         Jude heard a car pull up but continued. His breaths were shallow then he gulped in air forgetting to breathe. His legs were spread apart pretending to be tied to the bottom bedposts. His hips jerked side to side pressing his buttocks into the bed while his enlarged cock jutted up and down inside his pants. Isabel, I love you, I love you so much, let me please you!
         Suddenly Jude heard voices outside the door. It was Isabel. Jude jumped up hastily and tried to untie the rope from the bed but the knot was too tight. He untied the rope from his wrist then ran for the joining door as Isabel’s front door was opening. Jude closed the door behind him making an obvious slam then locked the door. He stood at the door waiting to hear Isabel’s reaction to the noise.
         “Jude is that you?” Isabel slurred her words into the door. “Jude did you knock?”
         “Uh…uh yeah it’s me…Its Jude. Yeah I, I knocked on the door.”
         Jude heard a man’s voice, “What the hell does he want?”
         “What do you need Jude? Its late.” Isabel replied
         Jude thought quickly. “Um, nothing. Its ok. I thought someone had broken in that’s all.”
         Jude sighed with relief when he heard Isabel giggle while the man fondled her breasts. He heard the sucking sounds of the man’s lips. The two were against the door. Jude pressed himself face front against his side of the door knowing only two and half inches of wood stood between his body and Isabel’s. Jude felt a surge while his penis was squeezed between the door and his belly. This was the closest he had ever been to Isabel. He backed away and let the rush subside before changing. The leakage soaked his pants. The pain in his testicles was to extreme to endure any more of Isabel’s sexual charade through the wall. He had to relieve himself or get out of the apartment.
         Jude grabbed his keys and wallet and jumped in his little pickup truck. He drove around for a while before stopping at a seedy local tavern. He wasn’t twenty one yet but decided to try his luck. He went into the tavern. It was small and dimly lit with a jukebox playing old sixties Motown tunes. The bar had only eleven barstools and three tables with four chairs. There were two men sitting at one of the tables and one scruffy old man sitting at the bar smoking a cigarette. The bartender was a somewhat chunky woman wearing a yellow v-cut t-shirt revealing the cleavage of her oversized breasts. She had blonde curly hair and looked to be in her mid forties.
         “What can I get ya?” The bartender eyed Jude.
         “A beer. No, a shot of tequila.” Jude replied hoping she wouldn’t ask for his ID.
         After six tequila shots two hours later, Jude had decided to go home. He drank up the nerve to talk to Isabel. He felt euphoric. He felt inspired. He felt free. His penis swelled to an embarrassing projection while still seated at the bar. He paid his tab in cash, quickly twisted his body toward the door, and then danced out of the tavern singing to the jukebox “I can’t help myself; I want you and nobody else!”
         Jude drove slowly home rehearsing every word he would say to Isabel. He forgot about her guest. Or he was hoping she already kicked him out. Would she still be awake? Was she still horny? Was she drunk?
         Jude finally pulled into the parking lot. He stumbled out of his truck and approached Isabel’s front door. He waited and listened for the guest but heard nothing. He noticed all of Isabel’s lights were off. Maybe she was asleep. Jude went inside his apartment and pressed his left ear on the joining door but heard nothing. As he turned around to go back outside to Isabel’s front door he heard a man mumbling. “Let me tie YOU up.”
         “No, it doesn’t work that way Brad” Isabel replied.
         Jude listened to Isabel dictate to her sex guest. He heard the two arguing for several minutes before realizing he was too drunk to stand against the door. He sat down and the arguing continued. Finally Jude got up and went to the bathroom. He sat down on the toilet instead of standing. His legs were weak from drunken excitement. His erection stood tall staring him in the face as he looked down and grabbed it. His bladder was full but his erection was inflexible. He strained while painfully forcing down his limb struggling to urinate. The harder he pushed the more aroused he got. The pressure from his bladder combined with the pressure from his erection ached inside his abdomen. “I can’t do this anymore! I need you Isabel!” Jude yelled while cupping his right hand around his penis. He surrendered his hand wrenching swiftly hoping for an orgasm.
         What is wrong with me? Is this wrong? Can I do this? Jude whimpered while nothing happened. He tried to come gripping his enormous erection ruthlessly. He stopped and squeezed the head of his penis attempting to tease himself into an orgasm. But nothing. The skin pulled tightly and Jude could feel the pressure of semen. “C’mon, please!” Jude pleaded with himself out of frustration. The pressure from his bladder along with his guilt was too overwhelming. He stopped and fell off the toilet. He was weak and saw black spots everywhere. Minutes later Jude woke on the bathroom floor; his erection was gone. His softness pulsed with slight movements. He stood up and held himself gently. Urinating never felt so good. He walked to his bed and fell into his pillows.

         Jude’s chin began to hurt. His bony knees poked hard while he continued to debate the crashing sound in his head. He was no longer drunk and didn’t have the courage to approach Isabel. Was she alone now? Was the crash just a typical door slam? Jude stood up and knocked on the door. There was no answer. He started thinking that something was terribly wrong. He knocked on the joining door again then heard Isabel crying.
         “Isabel, are you ok?” Jude kept knocking.
         Isabel muttered something but Jude couldn’t understand her. He decided to unlock and open the door. He knew something was wrong and Isabel would just have to forgive his intrusion. As he opened the door he wanted to look toward Isabel’s bed but was drawn toward her front wall and front door area. The window had been smashed in from the outside and glass was everywhere. Jude looked over toward Isabel. All four of her limbs were tied to the bed posts. She was lying naked on her bed. He ran over and immediately covered her body with one of the blankets.
         “What happened Isabel? Are you ok?
         “I’m ok, the asshole tied me up and I wanted loose, but he wouldn’t untie me. I screamed at him and he got angry then broke my window!”
         “Did he hurt you, Isabel?”
         “No, Jude its ok. He was just drunk. Please untie me. I have to figure out what to do bout my place.”
         Jude began to gently untie Isabel’s wrists. He remembered his own wrist tied with the same rope. He didn’t want to get aroused and had suppressed it somehow thus far. But while untying the last rope around Isabel’s ankle his felt his cock harden.
         “Jude can I stay at your place til tomorrow? I’m kinda scared. I can’t deal with this right now.”
         Jude nodded vigorously. A rush of excitement filled him suddenly. He could hardly breathe. Isabel was going to be in his apartment. She grabbed some clothes and walked with the blanket wrapped around her then into Jude’s apartment. Jude followed then shut the adjoining door. Isabel was partially naked in his apartment!
         “Should I go somewhere else to sleep while you are here?” Jude realized Isabel may have wanted him to leave.
         “No, I am not going to make you leave your own apartment. Please just sit her with me. I’m still kinda shaken ya know?”
         Isabel lay down on Jude’s bed still wrapped in the blanket.
         “Aren’t you going to get dressed?” Jude looked away from her while seated on the bed.
         Suddenly Jude felt a hand on his hand. He looked around and Isabel started to rub her fingers on his palm.
         “I noticed you were hard in my apartment. Did those ropes make you horny?”
         Jude couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His penis grew large promptly. He shifted his weight away from Isabel in embarrassment.
         “Come here Jude. Don’t turn away. May I see it?”
         Jude knew Isabel was still somewhat drunk while he himself was stone cold sober. He couldn’t speak. His breaths were shallow.
         “Come here Jude.” Isabel flirtatiously demanded.
         Jude turned toward Isabel. His erection was obvious. Isabel tapped the palm of her hand on top of Jude’s penis through his pants. He gulped and jumped while still seated next to her. He hunched over feeling the blood rush into his penis. He had never felt such pleasure. Jude’s body began to tingle as Isabel gently grazed the shaft of his penis through his pants. She stopped then asked Jude to remove his clothing. Jude stood up slowly and nervously unzipped his pants. His voice cracked as if he were about to cry. “I have never done this before.”
         Isabel figured that Jude was a virgin. “It’s ok, we can go slowly. Can I tease you?”
         Jude stood next to the bed completely exposed. His erection touching his belly. Isabel pulled herself up to a seated position in front of him. The blanket was wrapped around her lower half while her perky round breasts poked at attention toward his erection. She pushed her chest forward and brushed her left nipple across his shaft. Jude jumped and almost fell.
         “Oh my God, I can’t do this.” Jude said but didn’t move after Isabel’s hands grabbed his butt cheeks firmly to keep him from moving.
         “Yes you can. Let me tease you.”
         Jude knew this was Isabel’s pleasure. He nodded and told her to be careful with his very sensitive appendage. He didn’t want to come and spoil Isabel’s excitement. He knew her pleasure was his torture in wanting to orgasm. He also knew his pleasure would soon follow. While holding Jude, Isabel lightly kissed the head of his penis then ran her tongue up and down. Jude shivered and let out an uncontrollable cry then gasped.
         “I have never…well...” Jude was embarrassed to finish. “I haven’t come in a long time.”
         This aroused Isabel greatly. She began to breathe heavily. She let go of Jude then touched her hairless pussy. She spread her legs and Jude could see her swollen clitoris between folds of skin. He had seen enough pornography and knew a woman’s anatomy but had never seen it in the flesh. He noticed Isabel was very wet and the lips of her vagina swollen with excitement. She rubbed her fingers around the moistness. She cupped her hand and pushed up the lubrication to drench her clitoris.
         Jude’s penis was hard and pulsating against his belly. He stood there waiting for instruction. He watched Isabel pat her excited flesh with two fingers and pinch her nipples with the other hand. He grew weak and faint from his own excitement. Isabel noticed Jude’s reaction and softly grabbed both of his hands to maneuver him into bed slowly. Jude was surprised by Isabel’s sudden nurturing poise. He was only familiar with the aggressive landlord he always heard through the wall.
         “I need some water.” Jude choked back tears. He was overwhelmed from so much attention. Isabel got up and went to the kitchen. She saw a bottle of water sitting on the counter.
         “Is this ok?”
         “Yes, thank you.” Jude sat up in the bed and gulped down almost the entire bottle. While drinking, Isabel kissed Jude’s back. She was happy to be with someone so appreciative of her caress. Jude lay back in bed and pulled Isabel next to him. He placed his hands on her arms and pulled her toward him while meeting her halfway then stopped. His face was flush while he stared at Isabel’s mouth. Isabel kissed his awaiting lips. She began to open her mouth slightly and Jude perched up while his body surged with fire. He felt the warmth of Isabel’s tongue and the inside of her mouth tasted sweet. Jude figured the sweetness was from her drinks or maybe a hard candy she sucked to mask the alcohol.
         Jude thought of all the sexual moments he imagined with Isabel. The ropes, watching Isabel masturbate, then relieving himself after providing her the sexual entertainment of restraint and torture. But these things were not happening. Jude was touching Isabel. She was touching him.
         They continued kissing and fell back onto the bed. Isabel was on top of Jude at first. The two were entwined; their wet skin sticking together. Jude’s hardness was pressed against Isabel small thigh. He thrust his hips uncontrollably. Isabel was grinding herself against Jude’s bony hip. Jude was breathing heavily while Isabel sucked on his neck and shoulders. He held Isabel and kissed her ear. Her little body was easy for him to hold. He held her tightly then suddenly let go.
         “Oh…I have to stop…I’m gonna…”
         “It’s ok, I know. You can come Jude.”
         “I wanna wait. I want you to come first. Don’t you wanna tease me?”
         Isabel grabbed Jude’s shoulders and pushed him down gently onto his back. His chest rising up and down heavily. His erection painfully hard and a shade of violet. Jude closed his eyes when Isabel lowered her face toward his penis. His back arched while Isabel’s soft wet tongue began to lick. She massaged his testicles with one hand while rubbing his belly with the other. Jude’s legs squirmed when Isabel stopped licking and blew her warm breath on his penis. He dug his heels into the sheets. He forced his feet downward, extending his legs and pointing his toes. The motion started all over when Isabel began licking again.
         Jude opened his eyes. He watched Isabel’s small mouth gently caress his body. This excited him more. He reached toward Isabel’s pussy. His fingers got lost in her soaking warmth. He relaxed his legs and focused on his hand touching Isabel. Her hips thrust backward and forward while she was on all fours perpendicular to Jude’s right. She continued fondling his erection.
         Isabel began to whine and moan. Music to my ears! Jude thought. Jude’s fingers were rubbing Isabel then without trying fell deep into her vagina. Her thrusts forced his fingers inside. She pulled her hips back so Jude’s fingers were touching her erect clitoris. Jude panted and moaned with Isabel when finding her hardness. His fingers imitated her tapping motions. He placed his fore finger and middle finger over the hood and rubbed gently back and forth occasionally going back for lubrication. Isabel’s thrust forward allowed Jude’s fingers to touch the exposed nerve while her thrusts backward pushed his fingers on the hood again. Her moans grew louder and more abrupt. Jude forgot about himself while Isabel stopped touching him completely and watched his suffering erection starve for attention. Jude was excited to feel Isabel’s pussy grow tighter and hotter. He could feel her lubrication dripping down his hand while he rubbed faster and faster.
         “Isabel, I want you to climax.”
         “I will baby, I will. I’m getting close.” Isabel wanted to continue talking and wanted feedback from Jude.
         “Are you excited Jude?”
         “YEAH…please come!”
         “Sh, baby, I will. Do you want me to touch your cock? Do you want me to suck it?”
         All the while Jude pleaded yes. He knew Isabel’s pleasure. And he needed relief soon. Isabel’s hips thrust faster, but Jude’s inexperienced hand couldn’t keep up. Isabel pulled away and sat in Indian style on the bed. She immediately began to stroke herself while barely touching Jude’s penis. Jude breathed heavily and moaned in pain. His penis pulsed up and down from the featherlike touch of Isabel’s’ fingers gliding across the head. Jude arched his back then pushed his hips upward to get Isabel to press harder on him.
         “Please grab it! Touch me harder! I wanna come Isabel, PLEASE!”
         The sound of Jude’s cries excited Isabel more. Her fingers went faster.
         “I’m gonna…Oh Uh I’m gonna…”
         Isabel fell backward and her legs unbuckled. Her hips grind into the bed and her feet flexed upward. Jude watched curiously while Isabel fell silent and her face turned beat red. Was she even breathing? She let out brief sporadic panting cries then fell silent again. Jude grabbed his penis. He couldn’t wait any longer.
         “No, wait, stop touching. I’m almost there!”
         Jude let go and whined silently.

The sound of Jude’s voice made Isabel scream. “Oh Jude, I’m gonna…Oh it feels so good…watch me!”
         Isabel panted harder and faster then stopped. Suddenly her face crinkled up and her mouth opened wide but without a sound or a breath. Jude noticed her fingers jerking. Then Isabel let out a loud cry and pleasurable rhythmic sighs. Jude was excited to watch. He saw the sweat beading and dripping down her face. Isabel’s body surged with orgasm as she squeezed her thighs together with her hand still in between. When Isabel opened her legs, Jude saw her pussy extracting more fluid. It dripped down toward her butt. Then her body went limp. Her breathing slowed. Jude was in bliss to have seen Isabel in such a vulnerable but beautiful moment.
         Isabel continued rubbing herself and sat back up. She went back onto all fours and began to suck Jude’s penis. He gasped. He felt the warmth of Isabel’s mouth and the curve of her tongue. She went up and down without teasing him at all. His penis never felt so good. He could feel the pressure in his testicles. They ached and were drawn up almost into his abdomen. The skin of his shaft was extremely tight and burned. Jude could not speak. He panted and squirmed. Isabel pulled her mouth away and wrapped her fingers and both hands around his erection. Jude arched his back anticipating his orgasm. Isabel grabbed one of Jude’s hands and wrapped it around his erection. He immediately pulled it away.
         “We’ll do it together. Help me. You should feel it too.”
         Jude’s right hand and Isabel’s right hand stroked up and down together. Isabel was still on all fours. She began to lick and suck the head while their hands moved in unison. Jude was nervous but ready. He felt the blood surge through his penis with his hand. He watched the lubrication seep out and smiled knowing that he was getting closer. This time he would not stop.
          closed his eyes and felt the sudden pull in his belly. He usually stopped at this point. The tingling around the base of his penis grew stronger. Then a hard pulling sensation jerked from the head down toward his testicles. Isabel’s hand was at the base and Jude’s was at the top while her lips sucked lightly on the head. The strokes were even and steady. They didn’t need to be very fast with Jude’s sensitivity. Jude lay back then opened his eyes widely in disbelief.
         “Oh my God, Oh my God…It feels so good! I’m gonna come!
         Jude began thrusting his pelvis up and down vigorously. He thought his overly sensitive penis was going to explode with a much needed surge of pulsating relief but Isabel grabbed his hands away from his erection. Jude pierced into her eyes with a questioning and pleading look. He yelled while still thrusting his abandoned cock into the air as it bounced off his belly. Isabel counted a few seconds and resumed letting Jude desperately hold himself. He cried out in relief jerking his penis trying to come. He was so close.
          of helping him Isabel made him slow down. “Want to stop again?”
         “No!” he cried. “I can’t!”
         “Oh Jude one more time...for me?”
         Isabel lowered herself onto Jude’s bony leg; her wet pussy rubbing just above his left knee. Jude was thrashing as he let go of his throbbing appendage. Two or three more jerks and he would come. “I wanna come so badly!” Please Isabel let me!
         Jude held his penis allowing the ejaculate to subside some but Isabel told him to jerk it again while she opened her mouth and spit on his cock before sliding her tongue and lips completely around it. Jude tried to jerk while the surge and rush slid into his belly and up and down the shaft again. But he couldn’t move his hand on account of Isabel’s mouth gulping his painful cock. It was her mouth providing such pleasure but she was moving so lightly and slowly around it that the tease became unbearable. Jude wanted to jerk it into an orgasm but couldn’t.
         Suddenly the torture brought Isabel to a few little yelps and Jude knew she was going to come again. She was grinding her clitoris into his leg rubbing swiftly while her mouth cupped Jude’s cock. All he felt now was her warm breath hovering around his erection. Jude thrust his hips feeling the head hit the back of Isabel’s throat but without friction. His entire crotch ached. Isabel sat up and Jude noticed her pussy soaked as well as his leg.
         “Make me come again, Jude.” Isabel straddled Jude’s face. She placed one finger on her clitoris pulling apart her labia and told Jude exactly where to lick and how. Jude began panting and licking. His lack of experience didn’t faze him a bit. He was excited to have Isabel’s pussy in his mouth and needed relief soon. Jude’s hands held onto her ankles so not to touch his starving cock. One stroke while eating Isabel would surely send him over the edge.
         Isabel arched her back and held her breath. Jude looked upward while still licking and recognized her facial expression. Isabel screamed out suddenly and moved her hips back and forth quickly while Jude’s tongue slid across her entire pussy. Her inhales and exhales were in the racing rhythm of her hips as she exploded her secretion all over Jude’s face. Isabel pulled away and put two fingers into her pussy. She began thrusting in and out “I can come again with penetration.”
         While finger fucking her pussy she used her right hand for Jude’s painful awaiting cock. Jude grabbed himself swiftly as if permission was granted and suddenly realized the shouting he heard was coming from his mouth. He watched Isabel’s hands looking back and forth between one on his cock and one inside her. I wanna come. “I’m so close Is.”
         Isabel nodded. Jude’s legs stretched straight out and he flexed and pointed his toes hard. He felt the overwhelming pressure at the base of his penis. He jerked his erection in motion with Isabel’s hand. He panted in rhythm to each upward and downward hip thrust. Up and down, up and down in a steady pulse feeling his climax mounting. This time the pressure was enormous and harder than Jude had ever felt before. Isabel switched hands providing a drenched grip of warm silky come to lubricate Jude’s overly hard violet colored penis and began stroking it again.
         Jude felt an enormous surge begin to break through the seal. He abruptly stopped thrusting and moving his hand. Isabel followed while Jude held his breath for a few seconds. He squeezed his eyes shut wincing in pain then let out a few shallowed breaths before opening his eyes. Jude thrust his hips twice holding his cock gently as his eyes rolled back then abruptly stopped again. He felt the come rush all the way up the shaft of his penis without movement. The semen squirt upward as he and Isabel watched it flow. Jude screamed with pleasure while stroking again swiftly to continue his orgasm. Isabel had never seen a man come so much and for so long. Jude kept stroking even after extracting every drop. His penis still very hard.
         “Oh my God, it feels so good!”
         “Do you want more?” Isabel asked.
         Isabel straddled Jude and grabbed his erection firmly. She placed it at the opening of her pussy and held it there.
         “Yes, Isabel, I want you.”
         Isabel let go of Jude’s penis and pushed herself downward. Suddenly, Jude felt the warmth and tension all around his erection. Isabel’s pussy was extremely tight and slippery. He never imagined the sensation could be so immense. He thrust his hips into her while they both moaned with pleasure; Jude almost yelling. Jude felt the pressure again and was surprised that he would be able to come again so quickly. Isabel fell forward on top of Jude grinding her clitoris into his pelvis. They began kissing vigorously when Isabel screamed into his mouth.
         Jude’s body surged with delight. He held Isabel against his body while he thrust his penis into her. His head felt light and he shouted with every movement. Isabel whispered something in Jude’s ear but he could only focus on another climax. How did I go without this for so long? He felt the pull and draw again and stopped thrusting allowing Isabel to feel the pulsating throb of his cock in her pussy. Isabel tried to move as Jude held her tightly against him. The friction and struggle of movement sent them both over the edge. Jude felt Isabel’s pussy throbbing tightly with orgasm as he relieved himself inside her.
         Thank God for such a noisy neighbor. Thank God for the door between our apartments. Thank God for Isabel! She’s my landlord! Jude thought to himself as he and Isabel fell apart lying next to one another watching the morning sun twitter through the blinds.