Artistreehugger Websites
Websites for Non-profits & Small Business

Conquer Entertainment
Like Music? Listen & buy here!

Raelea’s Market America site at Shop.com
For all your online shopping needs!

Your Bosom Buddies II, Inc.
A non-profit breast cancer support group in the western communities of Palm Beach County in which Raelea's mother and aunt serve on the board

Dave's Lawnmower Sales & Service
Raelea's dad's business with over 50 years of experience

Adopt A Greyhound Atlanta
This is where Raelea adopts her retired greys

The Roots of Music
An organization that helps at-risk kids in New Orleans through music education, tutoring & mentoring in which Ani Difranco is a board member

Taboo Jive
A Virtual Discussion Board Debating the Controversial in which I have written a couple of articles

Patrick Wayne Phillips
Raelea's cousin's site

Big Daddy Blues
original blues musician friend in Tallahassee, FL

Theresa Andersson
A favorite singer/songwriter in New Orleans, LA

David Carty
A fabulous cover musician friend in Tallahassee, FL

Charlie Sawyer
Photographer friend in Appalachicola, FL

Florida State University College of Music
Where Raelea studied clarinet performance

Marching Chiefs
FSU Marching Band in which Raelea was a member for 4 years 1990-1993 seasons

University of New Orleans Film & Theatre
Where Raelea studied Film Production & Theater Production

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