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"I Am Here" is NOW for SALE!

I composed and recorded "I Am Here" for a group of woman that are dear to my heart. Your Bosom Buddies II, Inc. are a small non-profit breast cancer support group located in the western communities of the Palm Beaches: Loxahatchee, Royal Palm Beach and Wellington.

YBBII was founded in March 2000 by a true altruist and president, Tee Franzoso. Please visit YBBII Mission Statement on website to read more!

100% of proceeds of "I Am Here" purchases go to this amazing group of survivors which include my mom, Marie Phillips (survivor and treasurer) and my aunt, Pat Linton (survivor and board member).

My mom asked me in 2009 to write a song for Your Bosom Buddies II. She wanted something original, inspiring and a tune for YBBII to call their own. And so it happened that inspiration came to me and I feel blessed to have received such a gift and to be able to pass it along to those in need.

Because I know YBBII so well, I know the integrity of this organization and the integrity of its treasurer and funding as my mom and dad, Raymond Phillips, raised me to always be honest and work hard for everything I possess. I know every dollar earned for this song purchase as well as all other fundraising monies go to the victims and their families.

Theses buddies and many victims of breast cancer struggle emotionally but especially financially in this ugly economy. Since a socialized system of healthcare cannot exist in a world of greedy capitalism victims and loved ones are burdened by outrageous healthcare costs! I know these costs first hand.

I am not writing this blog entry to start a debate in politics. I write to ask you to please buy my single, "I Am Here". By doing so you can and will change the lives of so many good people.

Thank you for supporting Your Bosom Buddies II, Inc. and know by doing so you ARE HELPING people who DESERVE YOU HELP.



The artwork of this single is a photograph of one of many beautiful south Florida sunsets overlooking the pond in my parent's backyard of 5.25 acres in which I grew up.
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